Who I am and why I’m here

Short answer: I am someone that created a blog two years back and let it slip into hibernation and I am here to jerk awake my blog from its deep slumber. For a more dramatic tale of why this blog was created, read on ;).

I have no siblings and while growing up, I changed cities and schools many times due to my father’s transferable job. This also meant that I never really had any ‘childhood friend’ that I grew up alongside. I don’t mean to say I had no friends! In fact, moving all the time meant that you met so many people, and even if only some of them continued to stay in touch, you are still left with a pretty generous pool of friends and acquaintances from different places that would be happy to meet you when in town or help you when in need. Nevertheless, I was very intrigued by this concept of a ‘best friend’ that was so popular in school. Everyone seemed to have a best friend. Everyone, but me.

As long as I lived in India with my parents and had friends at close distance, not having a single best friend did not bother me that much. I had many best friends :D.

However, after having lived in Sweden for about a year, loneliness caught on to me since I could not make any good friends in Sweden. At that time, the longing for a best friend that I always had since childhood, the longing that had been dormant for long, the longing for what I considered would be a miracle came flooding back. So, it was at a time of utter loneliness that I created this blog to share my stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences with…well, no one in particular! 🙂

Good and bad times come and go. Who doesn’t know that, right? So, in due time, my loneliness passed, and I genuinely felt thankful for all the wonderful friends that I do have in my life. This also meant that the blog never really took off :). I wrote a few posts in the first few months but in general, I haven’t kept up the blogging tempo.

After a long period of inactivity, I am back because it’s summer vacation in Sweden and I have some extra time on my hands. This post, therefore, is the first step in an attempt to rekindle my blog and keep it alive. Looking forward to being more regular this time around and keeping up the tempo beyond the vacation period! 🙂



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