The perplexity of life

When I celebrate my birthday,
you grieve over the loss of a loved one.

When I am stressed and worried,
you are relaxed and laid-back.

When I am jumping with joy over my success,
there you are trying to cope with a failure.

When my eyes well up with sorrow,
you have tears of joy.

Oh the perplexity of life!
Could you and I ever feel the same?

Humanity dictates that we show compassion for each other.
Does that mean we never be happy?

I would love to be a part of your happiness even if I am sad, I would show sympathy for you even if it meant suppressing my happiness.

But what I truly want is for you and me to be happy for ourselves and each other at the same time.

Will that ever happen? Or is this how the world is designed where you and I can only complement each other.



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